Bread Storage Solutions

I get asked many times how to best store Firebrick Bread. Our bread is a little more unique because it actually has more of a crust than most store-bought breads. To keep this crust more pronounced, we package our breads in paper bags with a perforated plastic “window”. This allows the bread to breathe and prevents the crust from getting too soft right away.

However, since the bread is in a paper bag, it would dry out if left in the bag for too long. In most environments, the bread stays best inside the paper bag for about two days. After that, we recommend to store it in a plastic bag (if you haven’t finished it yet by then).

Another great way to store our breads is by using a  “Bread Keeper” (see picture left). It allows the bread to breathe through adjustable vents. We keep our Whole Wheat Flaxseed Bread in it on the countertop, and it stays good for about a week. We have Bread Keepers available for purchase.


Finally, Firebrick Bread also freezes very well: make sure to remove the loaf from the paper bag and place it in a tightly wrapped plastic freezer bag. Most loaves take about two hours to fully defrost at room temperature. The bread can then be eaten plain or (for better flavor) lightly toasted. Some customers also like to slice the loaf before freezing, allowing them to take out one or two slices at a time and toast them up.


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