Too pretty to sell

As most of you know, our oven is heated by burning wood in it, and then we clean it out and use the heat that’s stored in the bricks to bake our bread. That means the temperature falls very slowly during the night. Also a common fact: you can’t rush bread. So, sometimes the oven might be a few degrees hotter or cooler than we like. Other times, the breads could have sat a few more minutes to rise before going into the oven (but they had to go in because the temps were just right and there were other breads “in line”). On those nights, the breads turn out great, but not always as PERFECT as our German Baker would like them to be. And then there are those “perfect storm” nights, where everything just falls into place at just the right moment. The resulting breads look just like the one below – (almost) to pretty to sell.


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