How to buy

During the 2016-17 Winter Season, our breads will be available at the Rochester Winter Market in the Olmsted County Fairgrounds, or by appointment for pickup at our home in Zumbrota. Click here for more details.

It is here…!

After three years of trying unsuccessfully, we were finally able to convince resident artist TJ to loan us his favorite exhibit: the Little Purple Ball! This incredible masterpiece has previously been displayed in such locations as The Living Room, The Sunroom, The

NO BREAD on 6/2

Due to a scheduling conflict, we will NOT be able to bake our delicious breads or pizza crusts for the Farmers Market on June 2. We WILL be there to bake our pizzas – so stop on by for dinner that night!

Happy Birthday!

Did you know that you can score a free loaf of bread or even a free pizza on your birthday? If your birthday falls on a day that we are selling at an event such as the Rochester or Zumbrota Farmers Market,

Too pretty to sell

As most of you know, our oven is heated by burning wood in it, and then we clean it out and use the heat that’s stored in the bricks to bake our bread. That means the temperature falls very slowly during the

A new bread has come!

It’s called the “Sunflower-Oat Loaf”: This concoction doesn’t use any flour – you read right: NO flour! While that might be cause to jump for joy for some, we still wouldn’t be comfortable to call it officially “gluten-free”. We do use a

Bread Storage Solutions

I get asked many times how to best store Firebrick Bread. Our bread is a little more unique because it actually has more of a crust than most store-bought breads. To keep this crust more pronounced, we package our breads in paper


Welcome to Firebrick Bread! Our bakery is located in the heart of SE Minnesota, in the quaint landscape around Zumbrota. Breads are baked fresh every Monday and will be available at the Zumbrota Farmers Market, every Monday from May till October. While